*Updated* – MSc Petroleum Geoscience Symposium 2014

Provisional Programme

This years MSc Petroleum Geoscience Symposium will take place on Thursday 4th September 2014.  The day will include a series of oral and poster presentations of the projects undertaken by this years MSc Petroleum Geoscience students.  If you would like to attend, please contact Lynne White Email: lynne.white@rhul.ac.uk Tel: +44 (0)1784 443581.

Provisional titles are:

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8.30 Coffee & Tea
9.00 Introduction and Welcome
Session 1: North & Central Atlantic Margins
9.15 Isabel Edmundson Structural evolution of the Porcupine Basin, offshore Ireland
9.30 Christopher Smith The Orphan Basin, Eastern Canada: Source potential and prospectivity
9.45 Samuel Pickin Numerical forward modelling of turbidite reservoirs in the Vaila Formation, Faroe-Shetland Basin
10.00 Pornlert Jiamjarasrangsi Regional prospectivity of intra and sub-basalt sediments offshore Faroe Islands
10.15 Richard Duggan Prospect maturation in the Fylla area, offshore west Greenland
10.30 Natalie Fleming Channel-fault interactions in southern Louisiana
10.45 Coffee & tea
Session 2a: South Atlantic Margins Session 2b: Geophysical Techniques
11.15 Jenna Lee Tectono-stratigraphic evolution and subsidence history of the Ceara Basin, NE Brazil Mariah Harris Extensional 2D analogue modelling in a domino fault system
11.30 Erman Kamaruzaman Tectono-stratigraphic analysis and hydrocarbon potential of the Punta del Este Basin, Uruguay Maria Esther Duque Rodriguez Investigating lithologies and HCS signatures with spectral decomposition techniques in Johan Sverdrup field, Norwegian North Sea
11.45 Belinda Musa Influence of the tectonic evolution on deepwater stratigraphic architecture: Sierra Leone Basin Abdulqadir Cader Facies and reservoir characterisation of mass flow channels in the Exmouth Sub Basin, North West Shelf of Australia
12.00 Abdulai Nantogmah Middle Miocene to present evolution of the Punta Del Este Basin, Uruguay margin
12.15 Lunch
Session 3a: Southern North Sea & UK Basins Session 3b: Mediterranean & North Africa
13.30 Thomas Allen Early salt tectonic processes and synkinematic depocenters in the Silver Pit Basin during the Triassic (Quad 44) Hannah Kearns Prospectivity of Miocene and post-Messinian sediments in the NW-Mediterranean (Rhone Salt Basin)
13.45 Maria Tome Medina Variability of Chalk deposition during reactivation and inversion of salt structures in the Silver Pit Basin (Quad 44) Alfred Quansah Seismic stratigraphy, structural architecture and regional prospectivity of syn-rift sediments along the Western Rea Sea Rift Margin
14.00 Sacha Henty Prospectivity of the Flamborough Head fault zone, Southern North Sea Session 3c: Unconventionals
14.15 Ayberk Uyanik Evolution of salt diapirs and sedimentation of surrounding strata in the Southern Danish North Sea Sjastri Hansen Hydraulic fracturing in conventional and unconventional reservoirs
14.30 Patrisia Shigwedha Synrift setting of Jurassic sediments within the Wessex Basin Liang Zhang Analysis and simulation of fracture development and fracture permeability in gas shales
14.45 Simon Fleckner Seafloor bathymetry analysis of the Weymouth Anticline and circular structures of Weymouth Bay
15.00 Coffee & tea
Session 4: SE Asia & Australasia
15.30 Thuy Hoang Hydrocarbon charging of Late Mio-Pliocene sands in the Pegaga area, Sarawak Basin, Offshore Malaysia: Controls on petroleum prospectivity for a new/emerging play
15.45 Anom Murtani Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of Cenderawasih Bay, Eastern Indonesia
16.00 Ramadhan Adhitama Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Kumawa Block, Eastern Indonesia
16.15 Gulen Sahin Fault segmentation and basin development along the northern margin of the Tibetan Plateau
16.30 Sasha Gumprecht Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Centaur 3D survey, Exmouth Plateau, NW Shelf Australia
16.45 Thomas Paten Structural Architecture of the Thebe 3D Survey – Exmouth Plateau, NW Shelf Australia
17.00 Reception