Research Themes

The Fault Dynamics Research Group has a range of ongoing research programmes both as PhD studies as well as larger collaborative programmes with Industry.

In addition to our industry collaboration we have on-going collaborative research programmes with Geoscience Australia, the University of Barcelona, Adelaide University, Suez Canal University, RDR Leeds University and the 3D Lab, Cardiff University.

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Current Collaborative Research Programmes

  • STAR – Structural Analogue for Reservoirs – Consortium of International Petroleum Companies
  • 4D Evolution of Fold Belts – Shell
  • Caspian Sea Research Project – BP
  • Tectonics of the NW Shelf, Australia – Geoscience Australia
  • Diapir evolution in the Central North Sea – Shell
  • Fold and Thrust Belt Systems in SW Iran – NPA Group
  • 3D visualisation of complex structures – Paradigm Geoscience

Recent Collaborative Research Programmes

  • Tectonics of the NW Red Sea Margin – BG Group
  • Analogue modelling, Haltenbank, Norway – Conoco Norway
  • Tectonics of the Natuna Sea, Indonesia – Conoco Indonesia
  • Analogue modelling of salt tectonics – Shell Expro (UK)
  • Structural analysis of the San Jorge Basin – YPF Argentina
  • Growth fold systems & turbidite sedimentation – BP Exploration
  • Fracture systems in extensional fault blocks – Shell Expro (UK)
  • Physical modelling of fault/fractures in rift fault systems – Shell Expro (UK)
  • Evolution of the Great Australian Bight – Geoscience Australia
  • Structural analysis of the Zagros fold-thrust belt, Iran – RWE-DEA
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