The Research Group


Professor Ken McClay
Director, Fault Dynamics Research Group


Research Staff

Dr James Hammerstein
Structural Geology and Geomorphology

Dr Lucia Perez Diaz
Geophysics, Geodynamics and Plate Tectonics


Dr Nicola Scarselli
2D/3D Seismic Interpretation, Tectonic and sedimentary processes of passive margins


Associated Researchers

Dr Jürgen Adam
Physical Modelling of Rock deformation and Salt Tectonics

Dr Ian Watkinson
Strike-Slip Fault Evolution

Professor Chris Elders
Curtin University, Australia

Dr Stuart Hardy (University of Barcelona)
Numerical Modelling of Fault Systems

Prof Samir Khalil (Suez Canal University)
Structural Evolution of the Gulf of Suez

Dr Oriol Ferrer
Analogue Modelling of Extensional, Inversion, Compressional and Salt Tectonics, 2D/3D Seismic Interpretation, and 3D Reconstruction of Geological Bodies

Post-Graduate Researchers

Awad Abolhassan

Jorge Belenguer
Salt Tectonics of the North Sea

Hongdan Deng

Basim Mohamed

Nancy Schmidt
Fractured Carbonates in Fold and Thrust Belts

Javier Tamara
4D Evolution of Deepwater Fold Belts

Support Staff

Kevin D’Souza
Lab Manager & Photographer

Frank Lehane
Information Systems Manager

Jerry Morris
Science Workshop Engineer

Former Members of Fault Dynamics

Recent Post-Doctorate Researchers:

  • Dr Jose De Vera, now working with Shell (Houston)
  • Dr Edyta Frankowicz, now working with Shell (The Hague)
  • Dr Benjamin Clements, now working with Statoil (Stavanger)
  • Dr Cesar Witt, now working at Université Lille
  • Dr Oriol Ferrer, now at University of Barcelona
  • Dr Nicolas Sellier
  • Dr Lidia Rodriguez
  • Dr Hodei Uzkeda

Recent Post-Graduate Researchers:

  • Dr Sylvester Egbeni
  • Dr Gholamreza Gharabeigli, Iran
  • Dr Sohail Wahid, Pakistan
  • Dr Ali Kahal, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Lydia Jagger
  • Dr Diego Costantino, University of Leeds
  • Dr Jamal Doski, University of Dohuk, Iraq
  • Dr Matias Sanchez, Independent Consultant, British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Dr Matt Woollard, Raymetrics S.A., Athens
  • Dr Jonny Wu , National Taiwan University
  • Dr Hannah Rogers, BP (Australia)
  • Dr Frank Despinois, Total (France)