About Fault Dynamics

The research of FDRG aims to develop new techniques for the analysis of fault systems and their 4D evolution, and to apply the resultant models to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons and minerals. Our research involves multidisciplinary studies that include the analysis and modelling of crustal fault systems from the reservoir scale to basin scale:

  • Field mapping & field structural analysis
  • Analogue & numerical modelling of fault systems
  • Cross-section construction & restoration
  • 3D visualization & analysis
  • Fault displacement & fault population analyses
  • Seismic interpretation – 2D and 3D
  • Seismic modelling of complex structures
  • Remote sensing including fold and thrust belts and extensional fault systems
  • Fault – fold – fracture studies
  • Numerical modelling of fault-related folding and fracture systems

With a state-of-the-art 3D visualisation suite, and new analogue modelling & computer laboratories together with the provision of powerful industry standard software, the FDRG has the facilities to expand our training and research programmes as well as commencing new collaborative research projects.

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PhD Training

The Fault Dynamics Research Group includes a number of PhD students whose research projects range from:

  • Extensional fault systems in rift basins;
  • Fracture development in folded carbonates;
  • 4D Evolution of deepwater fold belts;
  • Delta tectonics;
  • Geothermometry and tectonic evolution of the NW Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez;
  • Structural evolution of the south Caspian fold belts;
  • Diapir evolution in the Central North Sea;
  • Fold and thrust belt evolution in NW Pakistan;
  • Shale tectonics in the Eastern Venezuelan basin;
  • Tectonic evolution of porphyry copper deposits, central Chile.

Many of the PhD students are supported by or actively collaborate with our industry partners. These include – BP; BHP-Billiton; Conoco-Phillips; Codelco Chile; PDVSA; RepsolYpf; Shell International; Shell UK; Teck-Cominco, Tullow Oil.

We welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students.

MSc Training

Each academic year the Fault Dynamics Research Group sponsors and supervises research projects for MSc students in Petroleum Geoscience on both the Basin Evolution and Dynamics and Tectonics courses.

Additional opportunities also exist for one year MSc by Research students to work in the Fault Dynamics Research Group.

Post-Doctoral Research

Post-Doctoral researchers form an important core to our research effort. Current projects carried out by these researchers include:

  • 4D evolution of fold belts;
  • Tectonic evolution of the NW Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez;
  • 3D visualization of complex fault systems;
  • Deepwater fold belts on contractional margins.

We welcome enquiries from prospective Post-Doctoral researchers.

In addition we welcome academic visitors and personnel from our industry partners to work with us in our laboratories on collaborative research programmes.

Industry Training & Professional Development Courses

In addition to our collaborative research programmes with industry the Fault Dynamics Research Group runs laboratory and classroom courses as well as field courses for industry. These include:

  • Pyrenees Field Course
  • Gulf of Suez Field Course
  • Somerset & North Devon Field Course
  • Fault Dynamics – laboratory and classroom course
  • Extensional Fault Systems – laboratory and classroom course

Please contact Professor Ken McClay for further details

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