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Who We Are…

The Fault Dynamics Research Group is a multi-disciplinary team carrying out active field and laboratory-based research on crustal fault systems.  The Research Group has been undertaking collaborative multidisciplinary research and training projects with the International Petroleum and Mining Industries since 1991.  Directed by Professor Ken McClay the Research Team includes academic staff, postdoctoral researchers and PhD & MSc postgraduate students.  We also host international visiting staff and researchers from collaborating institutions and from industry. We give classroom and field courses for industry and we train both MSc and PhD graduates as well as Post-Doctoral researchers in modern approaches to fault analysis in sedimentary basins.

Aims of Fault Dynamics

The Fault Dynamics Research Group undertakes fundamental and collaborative multidisciplinary research on fault systems and fault processes. Using field studies, remote sensing analyses, numerical modelling, 2D & 3D seismic interpretation and scaled analogue modelling in our internationally renowned analogue modelling laboratories we investigate crustal fault systems, their 3D geometries and their 4D kinematic evolution.

Our primary aim is to carry out fundamental research into fault processes and fault geometries and their relationships to the geodynamics of sedimentary basins such that the results can be applied to the exploration and development of hydrocarbon and mineral resources.

Research Programmes

Our research programmes cover the full spectrum of tectonic regimes. They include:

  • Extensional Fault Systems in Rift Basins – Modern and Ancient
  • Extensional Fault Systems on Passive Margins
  • Inversion Tectonics
  • Strike-Slip Tectonics
  • Thrust Tectonics – Terrestrial Fold and Thrust Belts as well as Deepwater Fold Belts on both Active and Passive Margins
  • Delta Tectonics
  • Salt Tectonics
  • Tectonics and Sedimentation in Contractional and Extensional Basins

A particular focus of the Research Group is the development of 4D models for reservoir structures as well as fault-related folding and fracture development in various tectonic settings.

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Fault Dynamics Research Group, Department of Earth Sciences,
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